Hi I'm Cso,

I'm a designer, curious about life, trying to figure things out.

I like to take notes, and I thought I'd share some them, hoping they will provide some

- clarity

- inspiration

- and spark curiosity

for myself and for you too.

the topics

For the past decade I've been grouping everything I'm interested in the following categories:


- sleep

- food

- exercise

the base for everything else really.


- I look at wealth as personal connections, investments of and gains of time and energy


- learning and reflection, through theory and experiences or practice

I'm starting with health, emphasis on exercise, and reflection through writing, and will touch on the rest too as we go.

the form

I'm thinking of these notes as a database of important things I find, learn, want to remember, or do, something like a shared but personal library I can return to.

I’m publishing half written articles too, drafts, as outlines / placeholders as part of "sketching out" the full picture and then will keep refining them.

obvious basics

A lot of what I write will likely seem obvious, and that is my goal, to establish a base level of "obviousness", going towards common sense. Easier said than done.

I also want to advertise or remind about highly underrated, but often obvious ideas and try to get to the most important ideas in each key area.

With all the content noise nowadays I felt a craving to get a clear idea of the basics and repeat the most important things.

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I post more regularly here, daily workouts, weekly workout summaries, thoughts, stoic and inspirational stuff

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