the stuff I want to build and sell at some point.

You can't buy them yet, but hit me up if you are excited about any of them.

Some are already half built, some I only started the research on.

For now I just wanted to "put them out there".

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- Coming the soonest -

Drawing and doodling got me through school, I fantasized that I'd design my own clothes at some point since I was 10 , super excited to finally make this happen.

Then throughout my life working in advertising I thought I would want to create ads for concepts I really love. So the angle is, I want to make "reminder" merch of concepts that I find cool.


"Do More", as Casey Neistat made it famous.

This is especially interesting with the contrast of  "Do nothing", taking time to be bored to get the creativity flowing and letting some fires burn, to help stay on your path.

"the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing" is a quote I love, and wrote it out for myself many times over the years, using calligraphy.

"Run Ship Lift" is something inspired by Cam Haynes, but instead of hunting it's about shipping (creating)

"Train like an athlete, create like an artist" - not sure where I saw this first, but it got etched in my mind, and I've written it out for myself many times, as a reminder of what could be the key for a good life.

Plus a lot of "Memento Mori" related ideas I find fascinating in general.

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A companion for laptop work, reminding you to focus, push, then take breaks



mood elevator through workouts, waiting for an update and a relaunch - coming 2024



an iOs app I used the longest myself, probably the thing I'd build the most, but I need to simplify it first.
Tracking everything in your life, from moods - to poops - is fun.

Products later

Self Contract Bracelet

I’ve been obsessed with setting long term reminders for myself. I want to make leather bracelets that have one, most important goal for the next 6 months engraved on them. unremovable until completed.


these are just cool, I want bears. Will need to order 40 a pop, will let you know once I have them and where I can ship.

Indian Clubs

I first got into them in 2020, made my first pair by hand, would be cool to make a few more. Really great for shoulders and much fun too.


- coming soon - I did a lot of these 2 lifetimes ago, excited to get back to them, but first let's sort out some of these things above. you can check them out here though:

I'm sharing all of these so
- you get a sense what I'd like to do
- I get a better sense of what I want to do
- tie these loose threads together in public into a coherent tapestry of ideas - boom

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