Workout Buddy

30 day workout experiments


I'm on a 150+ day workout streak and I want to share learnings 1 on 1, and help people work out consistently.

Testing it as a life mission kind of thing.

Final form of it - to be decided,
maybe an app, a chat bot, or a community... we'll see,
but for now:


I'm looking for max 5 people
who want to
- increase their number of workouts sessions
- overall well-being
- primarily through consistent exercise


We'll chat mainly through
- text messages
- at various intervals (based on what you select below)
- and make sure you stay on track with your workout goals

A lot of workout consistency comes from thinking through the process, solving the small problems. I've done a lot of these before, tried a bunch of approaches, so I can help you navigate them.

Based on your commitment we'll personally talk several times a week, to get you closer to your goals.

Choose the frequency below:

tier 1 - start light
aiming to move 1-2 hours per week.
for 30 days
starting may 15th
select quantity 1
on the next page, about
tier 2 - let's move!
aiming to move
3+ hours per week
for 30 days
starting may 15th
select quantity 2
on the next page
tier 3 - lets gooo!
aiming to move
7+ hours per week
for 30 days
starting may 15th
select quantity 3
on the next page

- full 100% money back guarantee
- max 5 spots - to make sure I can handle the volume
- first 3 people get +2 video calls per week
- access to close exclusive ig stories - this is starting to sound only fans-y but it is what it is, it's a for a good cause


Here's how I think about this


internal motivation

might be the biggest thing lacking in the fitness industry today, there's so much reliance on external motivators, very few people are actually teaching systems and reflection for self reliance.


and reducing friction

figuring out what goes where and when, plus a few small friction reducers can make things much much easier.



reminders to stay on track, this is where the messaging comes in for planning, for following up and for tracking progress.



first with another person - me in these 30 days, but then moving on to a personal journal, potentially an app or a community, where you can track your progress, until it becomes second nature and you don't need these things anymore, but you can still use them if you want to level up further.


your sweet spot

the dance between challenge and comfort. I think most people overshoot too fast therefore they fail to keep up the pace that works for them.

I've restarted my streaks several times, from points where it felt difficult to even walk 1k per day consistently, and ramped it up until I could comfortably run 3-5k-10k per day, or lift weights, for 100 days straight, often doing both a day, for weeks.


nerd friendly

I've been also pulling 8-12-16 hour workdays in front of screens, I'm definitely not a fitness coach whose life is centered around exercise, which I think is actually my biggest advantage in this context. I don't think coaches really understand the ins and outs of this lifestyle

Why am I doing this

Personal reason

For years, I've been thinking  how to find things that are "true" to me—what would be the things I could never get tired of, that I could commit to for the rest of my life. 

The answer for a while now has been "exercise." 
I do believe it's in the top three best things we can do every day. Right now, I'm on one of my "100+ daily workout streaks," and this time, I'm not planning to stop.

I also want to be more active in this space, learn more, and try to extend this beyond myself too, experimenting with helping others.

The purpose of my notes, in general, is to advertise "things that should exist," and exercise is definitely one of them, but more on this later.

Catalyst for change

Besides the innumerable health benefits, I do think regular exercise is the biggest catalyst for positive change. I want to study closely how it plays out for others as well, and I want to get more involved in the process.


Why not free?

money is a great way to test commitment.
I'm also testing how to turn this into a full time business, so I can dedicate more of my time to it. I will share all the learnings here on the blog though.

I'm not sure about this fitness thing, it sounds superficial?

Seems to be one of the top intellectual concerns.
But if you find it hard, it's likely your missing piece.

It would be difficult for any - even remotely rational person, to deny the importance of having a healthy body. It supports everything else, it's the base system you run on that changes how you perceive everything else.

When I get these thoughts, and I think most people get them, I often use a series of logical thoughts:

Exercise: immediate benefits
- more energy -> higher productivity
- stress relief -> clearer thinking
- better mood -> positive outlook
- endorphin release -> natural happiness
- increased focus -> better decision-making
= ultimately better days

Exercise: next day benefits
- better sleep -> sharper focus -> better decisions
- stress reduction -> more calm ->
= better tomorrows

Exercise: lifetime benefits
- stronger immune system -> less sickness
- stronger muscles and bones -> less risk of injury -> more active years
- improved stamina -> easier daily tasks
- better heart health -> longer active life
- mental resilience - which might be the biggest plus really

Why would I start now?

Why wait? Life will always be busy. Small start today, a small start tomorrow. It's how everyone does it.

I'm too busy, how will I find the time?

It's not really about time, it's about finding systems that work for you.
Start small, do it often. There is no way we can't carve out 15 min a day for this.
That's how I often re-started as well when I fell off before.
Small progress adds up. No step is too small, just need to keep going and try to get better at it.

Will I hurt myself?

This is not about doing crazy things to challenge yourself. this is about starting small and building the habit of working out, and finding your sweet spot, not too much, not too little, and learning to enjoy the process.
If you haven't done much the past months, we'll likely just start with walks and warmups.

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