Michael Pollan compresses his main principles to:

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."

I added "mostly protein and plants",

as the recommended dose of protein was recently increased but still, a lot of health researchers, like Dr Rhonda Patrick say the recommended doses are still low compared to what's optimal, especially if you train. And you should train, right?


Pollan has a bunch of other rules, but also says

Rule 64: “Break the rules once in a while."

Which is a good reminder not to be too dogmatic about nutrition.

The thing is "dogmatic" is a very subjective measure, and for some reason is one of the most sensitive topics for many.

Food Goal

My main goal with food usually is to enhance/ stabilize my mood, help me keep a clear head, and allow me to be productive.

Why prepare your own

I've been preparing most of my food since my 20's, at first as a way to save money, but then I quickly realised I can have a

- more nutritions meal

- better quality meal, knowing the ingredients and the origins of the ingredients

- faster meal - especially with some smart prep work

- again at a fraction of the cost

- and relax while I prepare it.

so it just seems like a no brainer to learn to cook.

I'll share soon more about principles I follow, and thinking of writing more about the "allegedly!!! weird" recipes I sometimes make.

"Weird" Recipes

This weirdness of the recipes probably come from

- travel: apparently there are no universally objective good tastes, only culture and what we are used to eating when we judge taste

- basic principles, meaning follow the macros, look at what your body might need, what foods make sense and just combine them.

Following these ideas often lead me to things like

- grilled chicken with dark chocalate and honey

- pickles and ice-cream (especially after runs, salt, sugar, fats for slow absorbtion, tastes great too)

which friends tend to find weird but some can appreciate the innovation.

Judging by the responses so far, a list of these would be a fun read and could be a fresh take on food for many.

Also I lose most of these "recipes", so sharing it forces me to pay more attention, gather them in one place, for my own reference as well.

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