As a note, I tend to break a lot of these, but still, it's good to at least know what I'm supposed to be doing.


Find a routine

- Try to go to bed and wake up around the same time. 

(I personally suck at this)


- get sunlight as early as possible.

- sunlight at least 30 min, but preferably 1h+ during the day

- get cortisol level up early in the day


- limit caffeine after 12 pm

- eat main meal here or before - to eat light in the evening


- limit cardio, max 5 pm

- weights are fine 4 hours before sleep

- don't nap after 3pm


- eat light

- lights off - to help with melatonin production

- don’t bring devices into the bedroom

- set up a dark, cool environment

Wind down

- leave 2 hours for wind  down time

- read or listen to an audiobook

- baths are great to relax

- don't stay in bed if you can’t sleep and it makes you anxious? 

You can meditate your way out of this one fairly easily though if you know basic practices.

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