Some absolute favorites:


The movie that I rewatched the most. For me it’s the ultimate hero’s journey, someone turning their disadvantages into something beautiful - with lot of work & #science! - then shares it with the world and makes a huge impact.

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Leaving notes for our future selves struck a chord, how we awkwardly try to navigate life and make sense of our own thoughts.

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Groundhog Day 

Similar to memento in theme for me, a more lighthearted take on the repeating loop we call life.

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Valhalla Rising 

Brutal, stuck with me for years.Raises deep questions and emotions often with silence, pissed me off first time I saw it, Feels like the most accurate depiction of the viking life, seems very real, raw, accurate.Not for the faint of heart.One of the early ones of Mads Mikkelsen.

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Waking Life

This movie is such a trip. Watch the trailer.

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12 Angry Men 

“They don’t make them like they used to”

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Newest favourite, on the theme of obsession, tension. Only watched it recently, it’s worth the hype.

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